BEAUTY BAR: When In Doubt, Wave It Out!

One of the most frustrating things while getting ready each morning is deciding what to do with my hair. I often feel as if I don’t look complete or nicely dressed if my hair isn’t cooperating with the rest of the outfit. The most annoying part is that I, as a busy college student, expect and want my hair to look nice in the morning without putting too much effort or time into it. Luckily, there’s a beauty trend within hair right now that fixes all of that worry.

You may have noticed the abundance of loose-waved hair styles sweeping across the streets and campus, and that’s probably for good reason. Whether you naturally have wavy/curly hair, or straight hair, this hair style is easily achievable. When coming across this Fashionista, I knew that she must be adopting this trend, based on her perfectly laid-back tresses. To get this look, you have a variety of options. My personal way is usually going in with my flat-iron and waving out a few extra pieces, since I have naturally wavy hair. This Fashionista took an even better approach. She started off with a texturizing spray, such as this one, braided her hair back and slept on it. In the morning, her hair was wavy and styled just how wanted, with maybe only a few extra tweaks.

Since this Fashionista chose such an easy effortless hair style, she was able to pick really any outfit to go with it. In her case, she decided to don a chunky fisherman sweater, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of boots. To finish the outfit, she threw a green coat and knit beanie on for warmth, and a long simple feather necklace for detail.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete and get this look, a texturizing hair spray from either Not Your Mother’s or Organix works well. Scrunch up your sprayed hair a bit and then leave it in braids to fully set it in. If you don’t have enough time for that, use the texturizing spray, scrunch it and go through the rest of your hair with a flat or curl iron to add a few extra waves.