BEAUTY BAR: Warming Up For The Winter

Tis’ the season when slush filled roadways and icy subway stairs can really get a New York girl down. This Fashionista refuses to let the winter blues affect her. Instead, she opts for the warmer tones to get her through the cold. Her reddish-orange hair projects warmth and keeps the fall season alive. Her makeup is simple, but sharp, with winged eyeliner accentuating her round green eyes and a simple lipstick color to tie it all together. Together each piece allows her makeup to reflect a cozy, warm feeling to combat the New York cold.

She begins her ritual with an Urban Decay deslick setting spray. Then comes Smashbox color correct primer and Maybelline BB cream pure to prep. This is finished up with Makeup Forever pro finish powder and then she moves onto her signature contour. She uses her Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit to get that perfect look and on this day she used java to contour and then sand to highlight. Touching it up with her Laura Geller color fix blush stick, she moves onto the eyes.

She uses both Covergirl bombshell mascara and Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara. Then for the winged eyeliner look she uses Stila stay all day waterproof liquid eyeliner (intense black). For her perfectly shaped eyebrows she fills with Nyx eyebrow cake powder in brunette.

She straightens her hair to frame her face and just sprayed with Moroccan oil medium strength hairspray to keep the natural shine. This Fashionista’s hair color is her favorite accessory and she can always be found rocking just the right the color. Matched with this subtle-toned outfit, the hair and the makeup make the loudest statements. Her loose grey top and slit-kneed black jeans make her bright hair starkly stand out and bring out the natural beauty and accentuated features of Fashionista’s look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Find a hairstylist that you truly trust to start experimenting with colors. This Fashionista has been going to the same stylist for nine years! This Fashionista has paler skin so the warm tones bring out the brightness and the pinker tones of her skin, so be sure that if you want to go red or warmer tones, make sure you have the right complexion. To get that contour look for a nice contour kit that works for you, like the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit used by this Fashionista. Then use a soft lip color like NARS Antique Rose. Finish off everything with subtle winged eyeliner on the upper lid and you have completed the look.