BEAUTY BAR: Unleash Your Inner Lion!

The spring semester is finally coming to an end. Finals are over. Graduations are starting, and before we know it, the hot summer season will be here! But before we all go back to our hometowns and indulge in some summer fun, we need to talk about this trendy Fashionista. I could tell at first glimpse that this Fashionista was determined to leave campus in style.

While most of us are rocking our hair in a ponytail or bun, hiding under baseball caps or just completely giving up on our hair due to the “finals week struggle,” this Fashionista is finishing her finals and making a final statement at the same time. Her outfit is absolutely adorable, but her hair is amazing. This natural-hair Fashionista’s fro was big, bold and yet very beautiful. With her dark roots and blonde color along with her voluminous texture, she mastered and slayed this hair trend.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Just finished your exams and want to change your hair-do? It may be getting warm outside, but do not be afraid to wear big hair. To recreate this cool hair trend, you can blow your natural hair out; or you can perform a braid-out and stretch your hair using a wide tooth comb until the shape is perfect. Also, you can add a little ombré coloring, as well. If you cannot obtain this hairstyle naturally, then opt for a kinky afro wig that mimics this Fashionista’s look. But don’t forget, the more volume the better!