BEAUTY BAR: The Turban Crown

As college students it is extremely rare to accomplish the flawless “I woke up like this “look. There a days when we hit the snooze button instead of styling our hair. The most common solutions we turn to is a messy bun, hair clips, braids or a hat. This article will inform you on another alternative trend that is royally chic and convenient.

To feed the inquisitive minds on the mysterious alternative style, I present to you the Turban. This trend is perfect for anyone who constantly wants to change things up in an elusive way. This Fashionista who rocked the turban trend admits “The look is a royal and resembles a regal crown.” In addition of looking like a chic queen, you will prevent that bad hair day from going public. Turbans can be graciously convenient for all college students in order to avoid hair dramas. However if you are a noob like me I advise you to practice turban wrapping beforehand.

As you are currently obsessing over this turban look and wonder how one could execute and wrap like this Fashionista? To help everyone out, I attached a turban tutorial (you’re welcome). Some common ways you can wrap a turban includes: the Front Bun, the Twist Knot, and the Headband Twist. For example this Fashionista is currently wearing the Front Bun twist which is incredibly on point.

To ease your future turban shopping anxieties, I inform you that turbans are easy to find. Turbans are simply scarves that are folded up and wrapped. As you may know scarves are easy to find and are probably sitting in your wardrobe right now. Like this Fashionista, this scarf was purchased at Salvation Army for less than five dollars, which is a beautiful deal. A major detail to remember is that silk and cotton scarves are the best kind’s fabrics when it comes to turban wraps.

When it comes to hair styles for turbans, there is no discrimination. For example underneath this Fashionista has bold buzz cut. If you have long locks no worries you can also participate and rock the turban style. From short hair to thick curly locks is there is no limit.

To focus on the details, can I get an AMEN for these hoop earrings! This Fashionista has not only influenced turban trend but also brought hope back for the hoops. I admit I am on the search for some daring hoop earrings like these and hopefully you are too.

For further background check, this Fashionista is studying Sociology with a concentration on social relations between women in all societies. Not only does she influence style but will influence empowerment among society.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Since you read this article, you must consider trying the turban style. I don’t know about you but I am pumped to try it! Remember that there are several wrapping styles to make it your own. Wrap on my regal queens!