Out of all the beauty trends that were popular in 2015, one of the my own personal favorites was the pixie cut. What better way to add the change you need in your life than chopping off your hair? This Fashionista’s hair immediately stood out to me by the choppiness of it and how she perfected the “messy bedhead” look. The pixie cut is a great way to look older and more sophisticated, perfect for college but still has potential for an edgy and fun side with the haircut.

Here she styled her haircut with natural eye makeup and a quick swipe of deep rust colored lipstick—and we are adoring it. As for her outfit? It’s been a snow-less December here in Minnesota, which is perfect for us Fashionistas/os who aren’t ready to break out the snow friendly boots and coats! She paired her distressed boyfriend jeans with slightly worn Chelsea boots and a patterned top. For warmth, she threw on a teal peacoat and her vintage Coach satchel. Why is the pixie cut perfect for college? It’s so low maintenance and can be styled so many ways—easily! She is able to spend less than five minutes on her hair in the morning and have it look chic as can be, an ideal for us college kids.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you’re interested in a pixie cut like this Fashionista’s, try looking up photos of Lily Collins’s or Ginnifer Goodwin’s pixie cuts for inspiration. To get this hairdo, just add some sea salt spray to add that messy look and a dark colored lipstick of your choice and you have the perfect “edgy yet classy” look!