BEAUTY BAR: The Man Bun Is In

The new trend this year, the man bun, has been the latest fad this season and can completely transform someone’s look. This trend came out of nowhere and can now be seen on many famous celebrities. Both Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio have gone through phases of rocking the man bun. This fall we have seen a lot of man buns in the media and more college students are looking for that different unique hairstyle.

This trendy Fashionisto wore what could be considered a simpler outfit. Pairing a hooded long sleeve T-shirt with a pair of khakis and simple white Vans makes for a great everyday outfit to wear to class in the fall. This edgy hairstyle adds a touch of something different to his outfit. It works especially well with his particular hair color because it’s unique. He said at first he grew all his hair out then started to wear it in a bun.

This Fashionisto also had the sides of his head shaved, which really emphasized the man bun, but of course, this is optional. Many people rock the man bun without shaving the sides; it all depends on personal preference. He totally mixed and rocked these two looks!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate the same style as this Fashionisto pictured above, grow out those locks, grab a hair tie and simply pull it back in a bun. Head to the local barber and have the sides shaved. He pulled the look together with a simple outfit. You can make this look your own by incorporating your own style and flair!