BEAUTY BAR: The Infamous Man Bun

Isn’t it funny how a trend can come out of nowhere and then all of the sudden be the latest fad? The infamous man bun is absolutely no different. Out of no where, the man bun has become just about the coolest thing for dudes to rock since Justin Timberlake’s blonde highlights (yikes!). It can completely transform a guys look into having those coveted boho vibes.

This stylish Fashionisto wore what might be considered a rather classy outfit. The pieces he put together easily screamed “on my way to my yacht,” while the man bun brought in  down to earth, bohemian feel. For a top he wore a blue and red plaid short sleeve button-down, which he left the top couple of buttons undone. For bottoms he just work a pair of knee-length white khakis and a pair of tan Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes. Last but not least are accessories, to which this gentlemen rocked a RAD looking watch.

Can you not see this gentlemen relaxing on a fine looking boat? This Fashionisto also had the sides of his head shaved which really emphasized the man bun, but of course, this is optional. He totally mixed and rocked these two looks!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Rocking the man bun is a great way to add a boho vibe to whatever look you’ve got going. You don’t need much other than a hair elastic and some confidence! Whether you have shaved sides or not, don’t be afraid to grow that hair out and pull it on up!