BEAUTY BAR: The Beauty, The Brawn And The Braids

One of my favorite ways to spruce up an outfit for any season is with a new hairdo. Depending on length, there is a multitude of ways to style hair and make it unique to your look. As my hair grows longer, I am always trying different things, whether it’s a simple wave, an up-do or a half-up hairstyle.

The most classic hairstyle has found its way back on the season’s trends list and comes in multiple forms. The braid has evolved into a hairstyle with never-ending possibilities. French braids are simple; they are versatile for any sort of activity. For a bit of interest, tucking a braid underneath your hair creates a classic up-do for a date night or dressy event.

This Fashionista shows how easy it is to style an outfit with a set of braids. Ready for the colder weather, she sports a cream crop top and ripped jeans. A plaid flannel shirt ties around her waist as an extra layer in case of a mid-day chill. Timberlands are perfect for colder weather and are durable for any sort of terrain.

Braids look great with this Fashionista’s hair color. The dimension is visible and creates a sleek and simple ‘do for a day of classes on campus. They can easily be worn in front or tucked behind shoulders for more subtly. She can change her outfit for a workout or a nice dinner, and keep the braids looking fabulous and chic in any outfit.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve braided beauty, like this Fashionista, you will need patience in order to create even and centered braids. Section it off and check before you begin the braiding process. Depending on the occasion, you can create a dramatic look by pairing your ‘do with smoky eyes or you can choose to keep your makeup simple with a soft, shimmery dew and pink lip.