BEAUTY BAR: That Red Lip Classic Thing

September 9th, 2015 at 2:05am

With the recent release of yet another perfect Taylor Swift video, it’s not too hard to see that she is inspiring. From what she wears to how she performs on stage, this girl has set some standards. Love her or hate her, I think there is one trend from her that we can all benefit from, and that is what this Fashionista is sporting—the red lip!

There is just something about a fresh face with black winged eyeliner and adding a red lip as a final touch. It exudes confidence and class. As soon as I saw this Fashionista, confident was the vibe I got from her, and confident she is. This classic look is nothing new. Women have been doing it for decades almost as a way of demanding attention and respect. For example, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna all rocked this look at some point in their careers, and all of those women have left a powerful legacy on this world in some way or another. I find it great that a newer star to the list, Taylor Swift, is not afraid to stand out with the red lip. In fact, it draws our attention to her.

No matter your angle, whether it is demanding attention from the room, portraying confidence, oozing sex appeal, modeling a vintage vibe or remaining timeless in a trend-obsessed world, this beauty look has you covered. To achieve this look, the face should be very minimal, such as a sheer foundation or cream with powder to set. Then, the eyes should be accentuated with black liner. It is up to you and your skill level to decide if you want a simple flick, cat eye, or a full on dramatic eye (connecting the cat eye wing to the lower lash line). You can top the lashes with mascara then focus on the lips. For the classic red lip, lining the lips ensures even more perfection, but the most important thing is the lipstick (see below). This Fashionista pulls together the red in her outfit with the red in her lips. I recommend a solid color outfit, such as black, or a black and white ensemble to pull of a red lip. This beauty routine can be worn with anything from jeans to a ballroom gown and make each and every look equally as fierce.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR:  For this look, you need a matte red lipstick. I definitely recommend choosing the undertone (cool versus warm) of the lipstick to match that of your skin (pinks and blues or gold and oranges). As mentioned already, lip liner is not required, but it helps with feathering and lasting of the lipstick. The eyeliner is any black liquid liner with staying power. I recommend one you are comfortable with using! For example, I love felt pen liners. The eyeliner can also be very inexpensive for a fantastic payoff. If you just top the lashes with mascara and keep the rest of the face simple, then you will have your classic look that I assure will never go out of style!