BEAUTY BAR: Sunny Curls

April 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

Sometimes it’s easy to neglect to style our hair. We spend so much time and effort (and money) into our clothes and accessories and we forget about the one accessory that’s always with us: our hair! We’d all love to have perfect hair everyday, but we all know you cant afford to get a blowout everyday on a college girls budget. Lucky for you, this Fashionista shared her secrets to getting glamorous curls without breaking the bank.

The first step before any hairstyle is to make sure your hair is healthy. Its a 10 leave in spray is great to use when you get out of the shower and helps benefit your hair in literally 10 different ways. The trick to obtaining curls like this Fashionista’s isn’t so much a product but a tool! She uses the InStyler Max 2-Way Rotating iron and loves how easy to use it is, not to mention how great it works!

If your blessed with naturally curly hair, try using Moroccan oil leave in and styling products and touching your hair up with a curling wand or the InStyler tool.

As with any hair style top it off with a little hairspray, but be careful, because no one likes crunchy curls.

This Fashionista took summer style to the next level with this look. She paired a cardigan with a printed babydoll dress and threw on a pair of trendy suede over-the-knee boots. She went for a minimal look with her jewelry, opting for a simple white studded wrap bracelet and standing out with her array of sparkling ear piercings.

Whats on the BEAUTY BAR: This look is super easy to obtain and doesn’t really cost a lot (after your initial investment in the InStyler). All you need is “It’s a 10” spray or Moroccan Oil Anti Frizz Leave In spray for use when you get out of the shower. If you have naturally curly hair you’ll want to try out Moroccan Oil’s styling serums and other leave in products to help refresh, control and de-frizz your beautiful curls. Try the beach wave mouse, intense curl cream, frizz control and hydrating serum. You’ll also need an InStyler Tool or a wand if you’re more comfortable using that and lastly you’ll need hairspray for the finishing touches!