BEAUTY BAR: Summer's out and Fall is in!

September 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

Shh, if you listen closely you can almost hear the faint shuffling of Fashionistas everywhere packing away their high-wasted shorts and colorful crop tops. It’s the time of year again to pull out that old box of comfy sweaters stuffed away in the back of your closet. Go ahead and  whip out those Dr. Martens you’ve been dying to wear while you’re at it. Boots are always a good idea for chilly weather.

Ahh, can you feel it? The air becoming crisp and fresh. The hot cocoa becoming an even more tempting late night treat (Alright, maybe I’m exaggerating but I’m a sucker for cold weather and hot drinks, sue me). Chances are if you’re living in Los Angeles, the air isn’t getting any cooler.The Golden State is still pretty… well, golden. That didn’t stop this Fashionista from pulling out her most fashionable fall wear, though. I saw this F.Y.T (fashionable young thang) walking through the library and her whole outfit screamed “Trendy.”

What ties this in the most is her conscious choice of a dark lipstick shade against neutral makeup. Add her chic septum piercing to the mix and we’ve got a killer look. My motto for fall is the darker, the better!

It’s the perfect time to embrace your inner Daria. Play around with shades of deep reds and forest greens in your wardrobe. That’s the best thing about fall. Other than the mark of a new school year of course, there’s a special freedom afforded to wear your darkest threads. So put away your bright lipsticks and whip out your deep reds cause fall is here and it’s time to show off your dark side.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look you’ll need a dark lipstick shade and a septum piercing. What was that? You’re scared of commitment? And needles?! Not to worry, there are many faux alternatives to achieve this look.