BEAUTY BAR: Summer Sunset

With midterms over, it’s only a matter of weeks till summer break begins. What is summer without its radiant sun? Yes, the sun not only makes each day longer but keeps us warm and toasty during the beach-going season. So why not give thanks to the beautiful star that makes summer a season we all love.

Inspired by summer sunsets, this Fashionista decided to incorporate the scene in both her makeup and hair. In order to mimic the warm radiant glow of a summer sunset at the beach, this Fashionista applied gold, brown and orange gradient shimmer eyeshadow. The key to imitate the radiance of the sunset it to blend the darkest shade of orange-brown with the lightest shade of gold seamlessly. By doing so, your eyes will look natural and glow brilliantly just as the sun with the shimmer sparkling against the light. If you are feeling bold like this Fashionista, adding a defined eyeliner with a long wing will help emphasize your eyes and give a sharp contrast between the soft gradient eyeshadow palettes and the sleek black eyeliner.

Now a makeover isn’t complete without your hair. This Fashionista took that extra step and was able to recreate the glow of a sunset through her hair. Instead of going out and spending last week’s paycheck, she decided to dye her hair herself using Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Crème. This dye is not only affordable, but is gentle to your hair, since it has actually 38% less ammonia than most well-known hair dyes used today. It also contains many rich ingredients such as argan oil, pequi oil and hyaluronic acid to keep your hair healthy, strong and beautiful.

Since we want to keep the focus on the hair and makeup, it’s vital to be simple when it comes to choosing an outfit. This Fashionista paired her makeover with a simple black top with jeans and matched it with a pair of black heels. This casual and effortless outfit is perfect when transitioning from a day in school to a night out with friends. It’s also very comfortable and allows you to not have to go through multiple outfits in a single day, meaning less laundry.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Want the radiant summer look? Recreate the sunset effect by blending the LORAC Pro 2 palette with the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette. If you want to spice things up, get the Maybelline Line Stiletto in Blackest Black to let your bold side show. Finally, finish your look with the LORAC Pro Matte Lip in Pink Taupe which helps balance the bold and soft features beautifully.