BEAUTY BAR: Subtle Smoky

Oh, the famous smoky eye…a perfect look for hitting the town at night and most importantly, it brings out almost every eye color. Normally, you will see smoky eye tutorials on Pinterest using harsh black and silver eye shadows, but that is not your only option. Who says you can’t throw some neutral browns in the mix to transform that night out look into a more daytime one?

The Fashionista pictured above bends the smoky eye rules by adding some shimmering browns and creams into the mix. The most important part of any smoky eye is the eye shadow. The Fashionista mentioned that she exclusively uses the Naked2 palette for her eye shadow, which makes for the perfect gradient. According to this Fashionista, eye shadow is the most important beauty product to splurge on. Not only do the colors blend nicer, but they also stay on much longer, which is perfect for an all day look. The second most important part of the smoky eye is the eyeliner. She tones down the typical smoky eye eyeliner wing by making it much shorter and less harsh with a liquid liner. Although those are the two most important steps in the subtle smoky eye look, a perfect complexion is always key to any makeup routine. I bet you’re dying to know how this Fashionista’s skin looks so flawless!

The Fashionista told me all about how she gets a smooth color-matching complexion with four college-budget friendly drugstore products. The first step in her complexion routine is a healthy skin liquid foundation. After she applies that, she tackles those late-night-in-the-library dark circles under her eyes with a concealer stick. Next, to set her foundation in, she applies some photo ready powder, and it makes for picture-perfect skin. Finally, she tops it all off with a soft blush.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete the smoky eye look, you will need a Naked2 Palette by Urban Decay for the perfect smoky gradient and the Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner for the most precise wing. To add a little color to your lips, try L’Oreal’s Tender Me Mauve lipstick balm. The four products the Fashionista complexion are Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup, Maybelline Cover Stick, Revlon Photo-Ready powder and L’Oreal True Match blush.