BEAUTY BAR: Stormy Weather

There’s something about stormy weather that makes me feel gray. Not sad, but literally feel gray. Whenever it’s rainy or cold, I notice people, myself included, tend to wear cooler toned things and go a little darker with makeup shades. I love a good gray eye when the clouds are covering the sky. Gray goes well with every skin tone and eye color, so it’s a safe, easy bet for anyone who doesn’t know what to wear.

When the sky goes gray, it’s hard not to reflect it with your style. This Fashionista took to the skies for this look. Using gray shadows and matte skin really made it look like the storm in the sky was swirling on her eyes. But instead of going super heavy with the gray, she made it a little more day appropriate by using slightly sheerer shades and applying them lightly. Also, by using a dark shadow and simply pressing it into her lash line, this Fashionista kept the look simple and wearable.

A look like this is also the perfect transition look. Keep it light and simple for the day and if you want to go out at night, just add a little more shadow and some liquid liner and you’re good to go! Or, instead of adding the liquid liner, smoke up the lash line a little more with some dark gray or black eye shadow and add a deep red liquid lipstick for a flawless, vampy vibe.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this Fashionista’s look, use a light grey shadow all over the lid, with a darker gray lightly blended through the crease and pressed into the lash line. Complete with your favorite mascara and a neutral lipgloss for this perfect off-duty, rainy day makeup look.