BEAUTY BAR: Spring Sparkles

I will be the first to admit that I am by no means a beauty guru. Sure, I occasionally wear makeup, but the extent of my “beauty routine” is simply washing my face, slapping on some light eyeshadow and mascara, occasionally accompanied by some various shades of lipstick—no highlighter or contouring, just the basics. The reason for this is isn’t because I don’t admire those who are gifted in their ability of makeup artistry, but because I just simply do not have the patience to do my makeup.

However, I will also admit that I envy as well as admire those who do take the time and have the skills to do their makeup, and am always on the lookout for those individuals on campus because, quite frankly, I find their appearance as well as skills captivating. So as I was enjoying the warmer weather and walking around Market Square recently, I was thrilled to run into this Fashionista. Not only because of her chic street style look (you know you’re digging the army green sweater, crop top, and mom jeans combo as much as I am!), but also because of her gorgeous makeup look, which also kept true to this outfit’s earthy vibe.

Though this look is very relaxed and casual, it is also very put together. I loved how this Fashionista chose simple, neutral, and earthy colors for her look, which I feel is a great touch for spring. By making these choices, this Fashionista really let her makeup look take center stage. What I adored most about her makeup look is how she blended the different hues of purple and gold eye shadow so perfectly on her eyes, as well as adding some extra shimmer by adding a triangle of gold sequins. And, of course, to finish off her beautiful spring look, this Fashionista paired the perfect shade of blush and lipstick to really tie this look together.