BEAUTY BAR: Spring Gleam

May 9th, 2017 at 2:00am

This is it! I can’t believe that the semester is already coming to an end and so is my time as a Style Guru. I’ve had such a great time showing my fashion inspiration, but for my very last article I thought it was time to switch it up and feature some beauty inspiration!

Highlighters seem to be taking the beauty world by storm, and getting those cheekbones to glow has become one of the most crucial things to do when it comes to achieving any make-up look. For this Fashionista, it was the focal point for her look! As we move into the warmer months, fresh, dewy skin is taking over the want for a matte finish that is more common in the winter. With minimal foundation, a bronze glow, and a gleaming highlight, this Fashionista is providing the perfect fresh-face complexion. When asked exactly what products she used, she said Glossier’s Haloscope cream highlight with Becca’s Opal Shimmering Skin Perfector—double the highlight, double the glow. She adds to her natural make-up look with a defined brow and light copper eyeshadow. Overall, this combination of products is wonderful for everyday wear throughout the spring and summer.

Of course, I had to mention real quick how awesome her outfit was! To add to her beauty look, this Fashionista sported some super trendy two-toned denim jeans, a black tank top, and white Adidas sneakers. It’s simplicity, but stylishness, brings her whole ensemble together.

It’s been great Fashionistas/os, thanks for a RAD semester!