BEAUTY BAR: Spring Delight

Spring time is the time to rejuvenate, renew and redo. It is our own personal reset button! It is the transition into warmer weather and brighter colors. So it is time to toss all your purple lipstick, your black eye shadow and even, don’t freak out, your contouring kit. This Fashionista has the perfect idea.

In this beauty bar we are focusing on a natural makeup look with a bright lip and a fun high pony. This combination creates the perfect spring look, just look at the pictures. The proof is in the pudding people! So this look is so pretty and bright and I know you are probably still panicking about the no contouring thing. Well you can still do that, do you! However, in this look, highlighting takes the cake. Using highlighting instead of a bunch of contouring really brightens up your face and look fabulous in the spring sun. This Fashionista started with just a foundation base and basically just put on color on top of it! She used a light glittery eye shadow with a color that complements her hair and eye color. So make sure when you try out this gorgeous look, which I know you will, you choose colors that complement your hair and eyes! The hair in this look is super simple and takes almost no time. Just a tease and lick of hair spray and you are ready to go stop traffic. This Fashionista also chose a lovely lip color that totally pulls together the whole look because of the orange undertones that are also in her hair and eye shadow and even complements the red in her dress, A+ to this Fashionista.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look you will need the amazing Revlon lipstick in “striking.” Urban Decay eyeshadow will get you the eyelids you desire. To get the perfect pony use this AeroGel spray to keep it perfect all day long, and don’t forget the wondrous power of highlight. With these products you’ll be looking fabulous and ready to spring into spring.