BEAUTY BAR: Soft to the Core

We’re getting to that point in the year where our hearts yell for the warm spring weather but our minds are stuck in the cold, dark days of winter. This Fashionista masters the way in which we can smash both moods into one killer look.

For starters, this Fashionista has bravely died the tips of her curly fro a deep burgundy pink color. She breaks through the stereotypical “brunette in the winter, blonde in the summer” idea and goes bold. The colored hair look has been seen on plenty of runways, including that of Marc Jacob’s 2016 spring collection, and is now being seen here on Salve Regina’s campus.

To counter the edgy look of burgundy hair, the Fashionista wears neutral makeup with just a touch of sparkle in her eye shadow and liner for some pizzazz. A rosy pink lip makes her face pop and glow in a “kissed by the sun” rosy way. The lipstick also helps accentuate the deep shades of pink she wears in her hair and skirt.

This Fashionista continues the mash up of edgy and soft by wearing a patterned, deep pink skirt, a black lace up top and black knee high boots. She goes “cutesy” by pulling the front of her hair back and allowing the world to see the glow in her face.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this soft, edgy look one must go bold. No more “should I do it”, “I want to but I’m nervous”. Take the plunge. There are plenty of washable hair colors that leave your hair back to its normal state just a couple of weeks later. There are even different colored hair sprays and chalks that one can try for even more temporary wear. To add that softness to the edge, use neutral and matte makeup, rosy lip and cheek colors and for a little pop, add a touch of sparkling eye shadow or liner.