Men’s fashion has been an influence for many designers in the fashion industry as well as the beauty industry. Masculine fashion has influenced women’s outerwear, formalwear and even everyday wear. Just because we are females does not mean we cannot dress like a man or take inspiration from his wardrobe. From time to time, I raid my brother’s closet if I need a good flannel. I also sometimes find myself in the men’s section of a department store when I want to find a good sweater or just a comfy T-shirt. When it comes to personal style, I do not believe there should be boundaries because of gender stereotypes; we as women should be able to wear or take inspiration from menswear if we want to. I think women can take inspiration from men when it comes to beauty and hair care as well. Sometimes people stereotype certain products or clothing items as strictly for men, but I do not agree with that. It’s 2016, it’s okay to dabble on both sides of the male and female spectrum for style.

If you mention gel in a conversation when talking about hair care products most people will associate that product as something used by men. Gel is actually a great product that women enjoy using too. It can help any woman achieve that slicked back look you see on runways, red carpets and in fashion magazines.

This Fashionista is very bold when it comes to her sense of fashion and beauty. Do not be afraid to try something new with your look like using gel in your hair. It’s a great product to have in your hair care army.You can use it to get the sleeked back look or simply to help keep down any fly-aways. There are also cool variations of hair gel care products out there like glitter hair gel. Adding a touch of glitter to your hair can help add some sparkle and fun to your look.

Just because men are stereotypically known for a certain product or wearing certain articles of clothing does not mean you have to stay away from it. If it appeals to your personal style. go ahead and give it a try. Try wearing a pantsuit to your next formal function or try slicking back your hair with gel. The possibilities and inspiration are endless.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR:  To achieve this Fashionista’s sleeked back look, you will need got2b hair gel. For her makeup, she used NARS mascara and blush, MAC eyeliner and finishing powder, Sephora eyeshadow and a contour kit by Too Faced.