BEAUTY BAR: Slightly Past The Shoulders

December 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

I have been cutting men’s hair for over six years now, and have gained a deep appreciation for the pros who can treat a pair of scissors like an extension of themselves. Cutting hair in a manner that flatters the individual, and works with the texture and density well, applies consideration to the ease of styling and can do it in a trend-worthy manner makes it an art form. I’ve only cut the long hair of five or so ladies in my time and can easily say that it’s a challenge left best for someone with a clear vision of the end result. A style I have really liked on ladies lately is a wavy mid-length, slightly past the shoulders, cut.

This Fashionista wears this style quite well, as you might agree. She takes pride in taking a road less traveled when it comes to style and saw a mid-length as an opportunity to stick out among the crowd of those wearing traditional really short or really long cuts. This Fashionista notes that without styling the hair, such a length can easily look un-purposed, as if it is in a growing out stage. However, with middle grounds in general, there is potential to cater to many more individuals in search of a fitting hairstyle. This trendsetter went with a blonde ombre coloring to help accent the wavy movement she intends give to her hair when curling/styling it.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: I think this is a winning look because it shows the potential for those changing from a short to long style, but also those just wanting to try something different than the rest. It’s a length that is a best of both worlds and packs the voluminous punch of a longer cut, when styled like this, with the healthy freshness that comes from a shorter cut. Ask your stylist for a blunt cut that extends roughly an inch past your collar bone if you wish to rock this look. This Fashionista is also wearing a trendy floral romper made by Show Me Your Mumu, an “Oliver Necklace” by Kendra Scott and an “Odette Double Ring” also made by Kendra Scott.