BEAUTY BAR: Skin in Bloom

May 8th, 2017 at 2:05am

The foundation to beauty is skin—healthy, glowing, luminous skin. There’s no better time to up your skin game than dewy, humid spring days. Toss the pore strips and harsh chemical scrubs to the side. It’s time to let your face breathe. Instead of layering on the foundation, concealer, bronzer, highlight, and blush, take advantage of the fresh air and let your skin do its thing—naturally.

Focus on moisturizers and serums to build a bare skin beauty, which will make for a low maintenance summer beauty routine. Stick to unscented, undyed products designed to nourish your pores. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, visit a dermatologist to get a professional recommendation, personalized for your complexion. This Fashionista is rocking her nearly-naked skin with tastefully winged eyeliner, natural brushed brows, and a baby pink feathered lip. She has achieved the bright, youthful glow we all aspire to.

Simple beauty looks are complemented by streamlined outfits. This Fashionista is radiating some major cool girl vibes as she makes her way home from class. Her fitted top is offset by her comfy mom jeans. Her belt and sneakers add just the right amount of personalization to an otherwise basic ensemble. Sometimes the most simple outfits can be the most flattering, but remember never to compromise your personal style.

Be sure to acquire a few unique pieces in your closet that you can toss into an otherwise basic outfit. These pieces are what give your style an unprecedented flair. Whether it’s a western-printed belt or gold chrome details on your sneakers, select a couple of quirky items that set your wardrobe apart from the rest.