BEAUTY BAR: Singing The Blues

As of late, my hair color is my favorite thing to experiment with when it comes to my personal beauty routine. I’ve always had the urge to go full on blonde, so I’ve been slowly easing into this by lightening my hair from its natural dark brown hue to a light, golden brown. I figure that soon enough I’ll bite the bullet and commit to a full head of blonde locks. However, every time I notice someone else flawlessly pulling off a bold, unnatural hair color (like green or pink or blue or any other color under the sun), I start to throw my blonde ambitions to the wind and fantasize about how amazing it would be to go all out and opt for an edgy hair color.

When I spotted this Fashionista, that all-too-familiar yearning to really experiment with my hair color seeped in once again. What first drew me to her look as a whole was her major Margot Tenenbaum vibe that could be spotted from a mile away. From her long fur coat to her bob with clipped-back bangs, any Wes Anderson fan would dub her as a dupe for one of the fashion world’s most beloved fictional characters. Then I noticed her hair color which happened to be just the right shade of blue. I loved how her hair was a pastel—the hue is subtle and can easily work itself into any look, but it still adds an extra touch of intrigue. As far as accessories went for her look, this Fashionista let her hair do all the talking by keeping everything else simple with just black tennis shoes and a trusty leather book bag.

Feeling the urge to try out a light blue hair color for yourself? Keep in mind that it all starts with a head of platinum blonde hair, so bleach will be a must in the process. Also remember that, if you’re doing it by yourself, the process may include some trial and error. This Fashionista revealed to me that she had tried to dye her hair silver, but the process resulted in this light blue by mistake. I’m sure the silver would have looked just as chic, but what a happy accident the blue turned out to be.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve a light, soft blue, you’ll want to start with a bleached head of hair. Use a small amount of any blue hair dye and combine it with a sizeable amount of conditioner (this will be used to dilute the dye and lighten its pigment) before applying to your hair.