BEAUTY BAR: Simple and Pretty

It’s getting to be that time of the semester. You know what I’m talking about. When you’re just about done with the fall semester and you couldn’t be happier about it. After all, the best time of the year is here! Winter break is on all of our minds. But before we begin celebrating the greatest time of the whole year, we have a few weeks left. That means just a few more weeks of the year to experiment with the last looks of 2015. The long sleeved romper was most definitely a favorite this year. This romper playsuit is simple but is all the more elegant. Find an almost identical one here from Choies.

This Fashionista has the whole ensemble going for her. She’s rocking sweet pink nails to go with the naturalness and simplistic look of her outfit. Next, the braid flows all the way down to the very tip of her hair. What’s even better is how its working perfectly with her ombré color. That’s a plus. Find styles that work well with your color. Braids seem like the go-to on a day where you just don’t know what else to do with your hair. Sometimes an easy and messy braid ends up being the only choice. But not today. Taking a few moments to make the braid tight and clean clearly makes all the difference. This Fashionista decided to do just that, making her braid look flawless.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The best way to get the look is to find a romper just like hers or one that really flatters you. Not into plain white? Pick a new color that reflects your personality. Or perhaps a ruffle trim or flower pattern is more you than lace. Lock in a tight, neat braid and go for a natural-looking face with little makeup. Less is more with this look. It keeps things simple and pretty. Finish strong in your style choices and even stronger on finals. Trust me, you got this!