BEAUTY BAR: Revamp Your Glam

Playing with darker toned makeup in general can easily be a scary thought to most people. So much can go wrong as we all know how unforgiving darker pigmented makeup can be! However, this Fashionista wasn’t afraid to take her makeup look to a whole new level of bold. She was brave enough to utilize this vampy purple lipstick shade by the makeup brand ColourPop. She also tied together this dark lipstick with dramatic eyes to create a yin and yang effect with her overall neutral toned outfit.

She kept her nails a light lilac color to keep the balance of the yang color scheme in her outfit and used intense eyelashes to balance the yin of her makeup look. By keeping her outfit on the scales of whites, grays and blacks, she was able to pull off such a showstopping makeup look. By draping an oversized cardigan alongside a fitted dress, she was able to still retain a look appropriate for school despite her full glam makeup.

This Fashionista has proved that while it’s perfectly okay to go the natural route, you shouldn’t be afraid to go bold with makeup. Makeup is an art and a form of expression. I encourage all my readers to not be afraid to experiment with various makeup looks.
What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this look, try a pair of thick and bold, false eyelashes to recreate the dramatic eyes. To keep the neutral colored nails while still making them an eye-catcher, try some pointed nude colored stick on nails. Last but not least, don’t forget to flaunt your favorite lipstick.