Let’s talk about how to do amazing retro red-themed makeup. Since the retro style from the late ’90s recently made a comeback, retro-themed makeup, a matching shirt dress, leggings, and shoes will definitely put you in the spotlight on a girls’ night out.

The procedure of doing a retro red makeup look is quite simple, just like all the other looks. First, you need to put on mist and primer to fix the drying spots and the overall tone of your skin. This is important especially in this late winter and early spring period, as the skin gets dryer than usual and the acne starts to break out. I would suggest color-correcting primers if your skin tone is not even; green primer usually works best with the red acne, whereas purple primer would be perfect for dark circles and dark spots. When putting on the moisturizer or mist, make sure to gently massage the skin to let it absorb the water better.

Then it is time to put on the foundations. I would suggest BB cushion if your skin is sensitive, but the regular foundation would also work if you use a sponge to softly tap it in. If you have huge acne breakouts or dark circles, I would suggest using the fingertip to blend the concealer into the skin. If you want your facial figure to stand out as this Fashionista’s is, you could use a contour kit, highlighting the T-zone, the cheekbone, and the top of the nose, and darken the area under the eyebrows and the side of the nose. One useful tip is to suck in your cheeks and darken the area that is concave.

After the routine of basic makeup, it is finally time to do the red-themed makeup. The eyeliner should be more dramatic than the one you put on for work because the red color will make it obscure otherwise. When doing the eyeliner, you could use tape to extend the bottom eyelid. That way there is only a small chance of getting it wrong. If you do get it wrong, you should use a Q-tip to fix it. After putting on fake eyelashes (strongly recommended), you could apply a layer of red eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner. Make sure to blend it outwards to the whole eyelid for a better effect. If you are in a hurry and couldn’t find an eyeshadow, a red lipstick could also do a good job. Then do a classic red lip and put on red blush and you are all done!

Want to be the rad person in your group? Just put on this makeup and bring that retro vibe into the party!