BEAUTY BAR: Red Eye at Morning

BEAUTY BAR: Red Eye at Morning

There’s a new beauty hue sweeping the nation—the red eye look. Say what?! No one wants to look like they just caught a red eye! No, not that kind of red eye. This kind of red eye is a look. Red eye shadow is in and only garnering more popularity. One of the predicted top fall ’17 trends seems to be a wardrobe brimming with bold, rich burgundy. However, this eye-catching chromatic is such power color that it’s actually catching on eyes. Yes, the pre-fall call of red, brick, maroon, and burgundies can (and has) already been seen on a lot of Instagram and beauty bloggers rocking red eye palettes.

Usually a color saved for cheek or lip tint makes for a super statement. Red itself is already the most attention-grabbing color on the spectrum, but used as an eye color is straight up stellar—talk about a wow factor!

This Fashionista ran red throughout her whole look, coordinating her nails, lips, and eyes. The red eye shadow she went for looked radiant on her skin! Not only is this look stunning, but it’s extremely versatile. The pictured Fashionista also happens to be a practicing freelance MUA (makeup artist). She pointed out that this look is her personal go-to at the moment, both for herself or others. While a lot of makeup color trends are limited to light skin tones or work only on certain eye colors, this trend is extremely versatile for all melanin amounts in skin or irises. Her technique was combining palettes and building up layers of eye shadow to create an almost luminescent effect. By pairing her eye shadow statement with a slightly darker matte lip and coordinately-colored nails, she pulled the look together while still keeping it all about the eyes.

Another fun factoid about this rad red look is that it is a great style for day, night, or any occasion. This Fashionista chose to play up her eyes but dress it down. On an unseasonably warm day, she opted for a pair of denim overalls with a black cross-back piece and sandals. This kept the look casual, clean, and accentuated the boldness of her makeup.

This is one trend that’s tried and true. The saying goes red, bright, and blue, right?