BEAUTY BAR: Pretty In Pink

As much as we all love getting done up for special events, sometimes it can be difficult to put on a full face of makeup without making it too dark for day time. What’s the solution? This Fashionista has the beauty look of the summer down! Her makeup and nails are coordinated with a beautiful light pink color. This beauty look gives off a light and airy feel while still being dressed up. The light pink nail color is a beautiful pastel shade that works perfectly for the summer time. Her blush is just the right shade of pink, providing a feminine, beautiful glow. She kept it simple with a light lip color and soft eyes, allowing for a more natural beauty look.

This Fashionista pulled the whole look together perfectly with her outfit as well. White dresses and rompers are huge this summer. The lace adds a feminine touch, and the color brings out her flawless tan. Neutral colors are the perfect backdrop to play around with makeup and jewelry. The pink look works so well because it really stands out against the white. Lastly, the turquoise necklace adds excitement to the whole look without being a distraction to the makeup. Beautifully curled hair is a simple way to glam everything up, and to be ready for any graduation party, date or other exciting event you may have this summer.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? This look is very simple to achieve with the right products. All you need is the perfect pink nail polish, peony petal blush and Roman Holiday lipstick. Add a few flouncy curls in your hair and you are ready to go out the door, glowing in that summer sun!