BEAUTY BAR: Pretty Boys Do it Better

The makeup industry has swept the nation in the past few years. Newer and better brands, innovative products, beauty blogs/vlogs and much more have helped push the beauty field into a multi-billion machine that isn’t close to stopping. Having a favorite beauty vlogger is almost as common as having a favorite clothing brand. Being such a creative space, people who find themselves inside the beauty industry are more accepting of those who push the boundaries and step out of the societal norm-box.

Recently, the iconic beauty brand, COVERGIRL, made history with their newest cover model. James Charles, a 17 year old high school student from NY, who probably has better eyebrows than any of your best girlfriends, was chosen as the first ever male COVERGIRL model. Proving that makeup has no gender preference, James and other male beauty vloggers have been contributing quality beauty content and making a mark on the industry.

Having a few of my own favorite male beauty vloggers, I am always interested in seeing creativity and beauty expressed through makeup, no matter what the gender. That’s why I was very excited to stumble upon this Fashionisto with his obvious flair for makeup. With the perfect pop of purple under the eye and a subtle wing on the lids, this is a great makeup look during the day. Dressing around his gorgeous face, the Fashionista used simple and classic pieces like his cable sweater and denim to complete his look.

Take inspiration from this fabulous Fashionisto and use a color eyeliner on your bottom lid to enhance your eyes in an exciting way. Always be looking to expand your knowledge and network in the world of makeup and beauty. Seeing this Fashionisto slaying a perfect eye look was the perfect representation of how the world of makeup is defying gender norms. Remember, makeup, beauty, imagination and creativity; none of those things have a gender preference.