BEAUTY BAR: Not Your Mother's Braids

November 23rd, 2015 at 2:00am

From the classic French braid to the intricate fishtail, braids went from my quirky childhood’s necessity to an every day fashion staple that any hair type can pull off. While I used to stick with a simple, three strand braid, I decided to expand my “hair” horizons with different types of plaits that could work on my unruly, thick hair. Some trends that have been circulating this season are milkmaid, fishtail and dutch braids. This Fashionista incorporated dutch braids into her look but spiced things with her overall style, making it both day and night ready.

Wearing a braid is the best way to disguise dirty hair while still looking put together. With a dusting of dry shampoo and a quick tousle, limp hair can go from drab to fab in mere minutes. Since this Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect amount of casual, she decided to dress the look up by leaving pieces of hair out from her braid and lightly curling them to give her hair movement. She pinned the braids and pulled them apart in order to achieve an undone look that is simply gorgeous. The breezy sweater she’s wearing only makes the look appear more effortless. This look is perfect for the Fashionista that wants to look put together while putting forth little effort.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this look, you’ll need a great dry shampoo, texturizing spray to give the braid some definition and a lip stain that’ll make your smile pop! Be careful with making the hair too formal. Go for loose curls and do not be afraid to let some pieces of hair fly free. This will keep you looking cool, calm and effortless.