BEAUTY BAR: Not So Beach-y Waves

You guys, I know white lies are really bad and all, but how do we feel about only telling half the truth (ok, so more like one fourth of truth)? Now, don’t get me wrong, I still believe in the whole “honesty is the best policy” pre-k morality stuff, but here’s my question: Does this still completely apply when dealing with the beauty department?

Hey you, yes you…stop judging! I’m serious. Will it really hurt anyone if we don’t divulge that the dab of Vasaline in the middle of our lips make our pout look extra plump? Can’t we just take the compliment and move on?

What they don’t know won’t hurt them…right? Well, according to this Fashionista, our conscience should be clear! You see this Fashionista has you fooled. Her beach-y, natural looking waves aren’t so natural after all. Actually, they took 20 minutes to perfect. Shocking, I know! But lucky for all of your luscious locks, this Fashionista is kind enough to spill her hair stylin’ secrets.

She admits that the ocean wins the award for best beach waves, but our Fashionista thought runner up wasn’t such a bad ranking—considering her competition. But, with a serious distaste for sea salt spray and crunchy feeling hair, she turned to another method: hot tools. This Fashionista says that heat gives you a smooth to the touch feel with the same carefree, cool and on-trend results.

With an un-pushed, effortless look in mind, this George Washington University Fashionista knew natural makeup and casual clothes were a must. Her Lucky Brand boyfriend jeans, Skull Cashmere sweater, bucket bag and Steve Madden sneakers were the perfect combination for a relaxed vibe. Oh, and the Cartier round face watch and love bracelet don’t hurt either.

What’s On The BEAUTY BAR: For easy, breezy and beautiful beach waves like these, you’re going to need not just one, but two styling tools: a straightener and a curling wand. The first step is to straighten your hair to right below your ear. This gives you a silky smooth base. For step two you need a one and three quarter inch curling wand. This part is simple: just wrap the bottom half of chunks of hair around the barrel, hold for about 20 seconds and release. Voilà! You’re beautiful. And as far as the rest of the world knows, you just woke up like this! It’ll be our little secret.