BEAUTY BAR: Never Go Wrong Neutrals

With the weather transitioning to temperatures in the teens and the holidays approaching, many Fashionista/os may find it necessary to make a drastic change in their beauty routines. The fall/winter months are usually known for darker colors like black, maroon and purple. Frequently this time of year, we find people incorporating these dark shades into their daily makeup. On the contrary, this Fashionista proved to us that even though dark, deeper tones are beautiful for the chillier months, neutral tones work just as well.

This look works to subtly accentuate her cheekbones while making her eyes pop as well. She uses shimmery light pink and brown eye shadows to highlight her green eyes. On top of the eye shadow, this Fashionista used black, liquid eyeliner across her entire eyelid. She managed to accomplish a dream that all of us makeup lovers share: the perfect winged eyeliner. A light pink blush is used on her cheeks and a similar color is also used on her lips.

The neutral look helps focus on this Fashionista’s natural beauty while bringing attention to her cool and casual outfit, especially with the mix of colors that are present in the outfit. This goes to show that even though many girls are heading to Sephora to get ahold of those darker lipsticks and palettes, you can a still transition your lighter toned makeup into the wintertime.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To achieve this look, you will need a light pink matte lipstick or colored lip balm, an eye shadow palette that consists of shimmery neutrals, black eye liner and mascara and light pink blush. With all of this you will be able to have the perfect neutral look that will make any outfit pop!