BEAUTY BAR: Monochromatic Clothing and the Nails to Match

Over the past few months, I’ve made several references to the “monochromatic clothing” trend. It has been, and continues to be, huge this summer… especially when it comes to rockin’ our blacks and or our whites. However, I’ve been noticing recently, that one’s nails are no exception to this trend. The Fashionistas of the world have spoken and they are saying, “If the clothes are going to be monochromatic, you might as well have the nails to match!”

This Fashionista shows us how the monochromatic trend can reach its highest potential by not only utilizing it as a clothing trend, but a beauty trend, as well! She achieves this through her modernized hippie look. For her monochromatic ensemble, this Fashionista decided to go with the actively popular black and white color scheme. This more modern color scheme gives an intriguing contrast to her bohemian feeling style.

This Fashionista’s billowy floral dress, western style wide-brim hat and suede ankle booties all play up the bohemian vibe. However, rather than appearing in psychedelic colors or earthy tones, these elements are presented in a crisp and clean monochromatic color scheme that give the overall look a modern-chic vibe.

As for her nails, this Fashionista kept with the same black and white color scheme. Instead of painting flowers and peace signs on her nails to keep in line with the bohemian style of her outfit, went for a very modern look with a marbled or granite effect. Not only do these nails adhere to the terms of the monochromatic trend, but they also follow another recently popular trend. Black and white marble has been a new trend popping up all over the past few months. It seems like just about every time I enter a coffee shop, I spot a black and white marble phone and or laptop case! This girl is just so on point with these nails!

I think it’s safe to say that this Fashionista is working all the right fashion and beauty trends in all the right ways! In my opinion, her look is the definition of current style.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: If you’re loving the black and white marble or granite nail trend, you’ll need a couple products to achieve the look. This Fashionista used two coats of Essie’s “Private Weekend” to achieve a crisp, white base (however, any white nail polish will suffice.) She then used a “transforming” top coat from Sephora’s exclusive line, Formula X, called “Chaotic” to create the marbled effect. With this nail polish, you simply paint over the base color as you normally would with a clear top coat. Watch the “chaotic” pattern appear before your eyes, no toothpicks or flicking motions necessary! These easily achieved nails offer such a graphic effect.