BEAUTY BAR: Metallic Waves

Some people will tell you that mixing silver and gold is a serious faux pas, but when it comes to hair colors, this Fashionista proves them wrong. Her gleaming gold roots fade beautifully into silver ends that almost look natural (even though she clearly is not old enough for gray hair). You have most likely seen the recent gray hair trend on the Internet or on campus, but this Fashionista stepped it up a notch and made it much more manageable for lighter hair.

The gray hair pictures I have seen on Pinterest and other sites are completely unrealistic for a college student on a budget with light brown hair. Once their roots grow out, there will be an awkward line between their natural hair color and the gray, dyed hair, which means they will need constant dye jobs. This Fashionista went ahead and let her gold roots fade into the gray. This way, she doesn’t have to get her hair dyed as often. Oh, by the way, she did this dye job herself with box color. I know how much people are paying their hair stylists for those perfect gray locks (and I also know that I’d rather go on a shopping spree with that money). By using this Fashionista’s beauty routine, you can have gray hair and still afford that spring shopping trip.

Not only does this Fashionista have a #RAD dye job, but she also has a voluptuous texture to her hair. I’m obsessed with her messy, effortless waves. Her outfit and hair, together, make her look like a mythical, urban mermaid. She’s the hip mermaid that you always wanted to be with her floral bomber jacket, dark pink dress and white high-top sneakers. Another secret about this Fashionista’s look is that her shoes are from the boy’s section of H&M (I can’t help but share when a Fashionista finds a good treasure).

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: This Fashionista has a simple routine for getting these natural, voluptuous waves. First, she applies a keratin heat spray to protect her hair from damage. Then, she curls her hair with a curling wand and brushes it out with a paddle brush. To get her hair that smoky gray hue, she used Feria “Smokey Lavender” box dye that faded from purple to gray after a few washes.