BEAUTY BAR: Meltproof Makeup

It’s summertime Fashionistas! The weather is warmer and the days are longer. You’re trading in your boots for a cute pair of sandals and your skin is finally reintroduced to the sun. The transition into summer means sundresses, white attire and cute bathing suits, for sure, but when it comes to makeup during the summer months, that’s where it gets sticky. So how does one go about a flawless face, while still managing to withstand the summer heat? This Fashionista has all the secrets.

Her best piece of advice for us: less is more. You won’t want to worry about melting foundation or eyeliner smudges when you’re out having a good time, so it’s all about picking products that have your back. She perfects the “no-makeup makeup look” using minimal product yet still highlighting her natural features. Her use of bronzy gold tones for the face and eyes gives her a healthy sun-kissed look. The dusky gold she uses for the shadow accentuates the warmth of her hazel eyes and gives them depth. A light coat of mascara goes a long way and a light nude gloss gives the lips a little color without taking away from the rest of the face. Paired with the cute blue polka-dot sundress and strappy wedges, she’s ready for whatever fun activities her summer day holds.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this simple, summer proof look, skip the foundation and instead opt for lotion (with SPF!) and a cream concealer for dark circles or any imperfections. If you feel like you need more coverage, choose a BB cream that matches your skin tone. To get a natural and dewy look, ditch the powders. Cream products will be your best friends. Use a cream contour to enhance your cheekbones, hairline and jawline. A cream highlight should be applied on the center of the face where light would naturally hit, like the bridge of the nose, the tops of the cheekbones and the chin. The key to natural looking highlight and contour is to blend well. Add a creamy eye shadow that brings out your eye color. Brown eyes look great with warm golden-brown shades, green eyes pop with plum shades, hazel eyes go nice with a golden-brown and gray undertones will intensify blue eyes. To go along with the natural look, gently wipe your mascara wand with tissue before applying a light coat. Use a bronzer on the cheekbones and hairline to give you that effortless, sun kissed look. To complete the look, a nice nude gloss with pink undertones will give the right amount of color and sheen. Voila, you’ve got yourself the perfect sun approved summer look!