BEAUTY BAR: Matte Lip Look

There’s nothing I love more than a good lipstick. With all the different ways to experiment with color and texture, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stick to your tried and true chapstick. Instead, try using a matte lip stain to transform each look with makeup that will last you all day. This look is so simple and reliable and can be worn with as much or as little makeup as you choose!

The matte lip stain is paired with winged eyeliner and a light amount of foundation to create a look that can be worn to class or out to dinner! The eyeliner is a perfect touch to dress up a more casual makeup feel. This Fashionista said, “Eyeliner is my personal flair and I feel like it’s important for everyone to find that one style that makes them unique.” Find a makeup look that speaks to you…eyeliner, smokey eye, or lipstick!

This Fashionista not only knows her makeup, but her fashion! Pairing a bold makeup look with a simple and neutral outfit like this is perfect for classes or dinner out! This outfit is transitional and professional…not to mention so stylish. Whenever trying out a makeup look that’s fashion forward, stick to a basic outfit such as a white top and leggings. This outfit doesn’t district from this Fashionista’s fab makeup, but adds class to the look!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: The Sephora Collection has a wide variety of matte lip stains to choose from in a range of colors. This lip stain is long-lasting, moisturizing and this Fashionista says, “I love it because it applies like a lip gloss but dries almost instantly so you don’t have to wait.” For days in class a nude or pink lip stain would be ideal, but don’t be afraid to go dark for a bolder look! Pair your lip stain with eyeliner or a smokey eye!