BEAUTY BAR: Makeup To Make Merry

If you love makeup and its trends, then you will love this look! This Fashionista is clearly a makeup guru and shared with me the tricks of her trade! If you are searching for a look that you can recreate for your upcoming holiday party, then look no further. This Fashionista started her look by getting matched with the perfect foundation. She recommends when looking for a foundation, check your undertones- usually neutral or more golden. To keep it simple, if you wear gold jewelry more often, you are likely a golden undertone. If you wear silver jewelry more often, chances are you are more neutral. Next, contouring is all the rage, but just how do you get this highlighted and bronzed effect? To highlight your cheekbones, choose a highlighter palette like the ones from Anastasia Beverly Hills and use directly on the cheeks. Contour the hollows of your cheek and blend upwards as shown on this Fashionista to get that flawless model/movie star look.

When I think of the holidays I think of sparkles, red and the next time I can get dressed up. With a look like this Fashionista’s, you are sure to wow at any gathering. The shimmer on the inside of her eye draws the attention directly to her and creates an interesting and beautiful, yet simple look for the eye. Finishing her eyes off with the ever-famous liquid liner wing is the perfect touch for day or night. To finish this look, you cannot forget the showstopper, which this Fashionista displays—the classic red lip. She chooses a matte red lipstick for elongated and easy wear. A look that is simple to achieve with its glitz and classic glam will surely make you and everyone around you this holiday season merry!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Easily recreate this look with these simple steps: foundationilluminatorcontour kitshimmer shadow, liquid eyeliner and matte red lipstick.