BEAUTY BAR: Long Hair, Do Care

Man buns seem to be the newfound craze for longhaired gentlemen all around college campuses. The greatest thing about having a head full of long hair is the amazing styling versatility it brings. This Fashionisto loves his golden locks because he gets to either rock an awesome up-do or let it flow down naturally.

Man buns are great for those post-class gym workouts or anytime you just want to kick back in comfort. They can also be worn when you want to try something new with your long hair. This Fashionisto styled his man bun and threw on some classy attire to strut around campus with elegance. He sports black denim jeans with a windbreaker jacket for added warmth. The blue trench coat serves as a stylish layer that adds a fashionable taste to his fall ensemble. The flexibility of long hair makes it easier to coordinate stylish outfits. Notice how this Fashionisto shows off three different hairstyles: long and luminous, up in a ponytail, and up in a voluminous bun. Long hair is also quite timeless because it is trendy in both cold and warm weather! Up-dos can be great for vacationing in the tropics or simply going on a trip to the beach. Also, check out those super RAD aviator sunglasses!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, simply grow your locks and wear them loud and proud. This Fashionisto uses Pantene Pro-V shampoo to keep his goldilocks clean and shiny. Using hair gel is also a great way to try different styling techniques. The most important thing to remember is to wear it however you feel most comfortable!