BEAUTY BAR: London Inspiration

This Fashionista spent the entirety of her 2016 fall semester studying abroad in London, England, where she definitely gained some serious style inspo. Everyone in London and Europe in general wears a lot of black or monotone colors. They’ve figured out the secret that wearing all black just makes an outfit automatically more chic. When this Fashionista was abroad she learned quickly not to wear her bright florals and pastels out and about.

Her go-to outfit is some ripped black jeans with a slimming black top. She couldn’t get rid of her love of color entirely however, which is why she paired an evergreen colored fur vest with her ensemble. Fur vests are on almost every other woman walking the streets of London–a lot of times paired on top of a leather jacket.

One major style change this Fashionista has made since studying abroad is her love of sneakers. People in London are constantly walking and commuting to work on public transportation so comfortable shoes are a must. You’ll often find people pairing professional dresses and pantsuits with sneakers. This Fashionista since invested in some white Adidas sneakers that seriously come in handy on the days that seemingly never end. This outfit was accessorized with a super cute Kate Spade, color blocked bag that totally ties everything together.

Besides her outfit, I couldn’t write this article without pointing out this Fashionista’s flawlessly done make-up. This Fashionista went for a more subtle eyeshadow look and added some sharp winged eyeliner to make it more edgy. Her lips are also done in a more neutral shade, and I mean, just look at that highlight!

This Fashionista’s make up look totally ties together her chic, comfortable outfit.