BEAUTY BAR: Liners, Lips and Leaves

Summer’s long gone, and that sun-kissed skin we all love went right with it. But that’s okay, because we now get to rock dark makeup hues without looking sleep deprived. All I could wear this summer was tinted moisturizer, a little bronzer and mascara, and, to be honest, I never thought I’d miss spending 45 minutes making my winged liner even. We now get to match our makeup to the warm earthy tones that the crisp fall wind is blowing in our faces (those dang leaves always get in the way) and the opportunities are endless.

This Fashionista (or should I say artist) drew her winged liner on perfectly as if the fall air was guiding her hand from the inner corner to the tip of the wing with such ease. She chose to skip on a lot of eye shadow because the liner made her blue specks pop by itself. As for foundation, this Fashionista added a single layer to her beautiful porcelain skin for even coloring, and there was no need for blush because the chill air took care of that. The color of her lips match that of rich leaves from a dogwood tree; the matte shade this Fashionista is wearing looks fabulous with her light skin and perfect eyebrows! To complement her makeup, this Fashionista is wearing a vintage Ralph Lauren jumper in a dark green shade. That shade has me thinking about the only green trees left that will most definitely get their time to shine on December 25th! She finished off her look with white sneakers and medium wash, high-waisted jeans.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To get this RAD look, grab a matte lipstick and apply it evenly. You’ll also need liner; liquid liners in the shape of a pencil are what I find to work best because I’m already used to making smooth lines using a writing utensil!