BEAUTY BAR: Light and Bright

It’s a warm summer day and you are spending it strolling around town with your friends. Channeling your inner Topanga from Boy Meets World—a loose T-shirt, denim mini skirt and choker is the look for the day. Sticking with the theme “cute but casual”, you throw your hair up in a cute ponytail and are now pondering how to maintain a natural face without looking like a grease ball in the humidity. Here is the answer my friends, less is more!

The last thing you would ever want is to look as sweaty as you secretly are. Using a light powder foundation instead of a liquid one will let your skin breathe as well as keep your face bright and fresh. If you watch Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat stories, you would know that a little bit of blush is the golden ticket to complete her effortless look. Neutral eye shadow colors won’t smudge or run due to the humidity or heat. Last but not least, to make this somewhat basic look pop, add a fun lip color. It’s summer after all, so try going out of your comfort zone!

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Sticking with the simple theme of this outfit, adding a bright lip and a defined brow to this natural look will take it up a notch. Lip stain is my new go-to because it is quick and easy to reapply. The shine of the gloss really helps to brighten your face up. If you are inside working all day and are lacking some natural glow, using a light bronzer and blush will do the trick. Using neutral eye shadow colors will help keep this look light and fresh, without drawing attention away from the focal point that is the bright lips. By following these makeup tips you will recreate this perfect everyday look!