BEAUTY BAR: Let's Just Wing It

Winged eyeliner is a classic eye look. It’s simple and fierce. Simply fierce, but sometimes it can get a little boring. If this sounds like you and you’re feeling a little bored with your everyday eyeliner look, an easy way to spice up your look is to simply add some color.

What’s awesome about colored eyeliner is that you can make it as outrageous and as bold as you want to. Go for darker colors like a navy blue if you want to sport a more subtle look or go for a bright pink if you feel a bit more sassy and daring. You can go matte, add some glitter, or even add some designs; there are so many possibilities! By adding color to your eyeliner or just your makeup in general, you can bring a bit more boldness to your look and definitely a lot more personality regardless of what color you choose.

Not only does colored eyeliner add a bit more personality to your outfit, but it also makes for a great way to make your outfit match. By matching your eyeliner to a colored item you’re wearing, it brings your outfit together in a subtle way that looks nice and makes people think you put in a lot more effort than you really did. In general, just paying a bit more attention to the details of your outfit like the color of your eyeliner, can really take your look to the next level of awesome.

In this specific look, she started with mom jeans, a matching denim jacket layered over a maroon-colored hoodie, and of course, glittery rainbow socks. Then she did the makeup by matching the color of the eyeliner to the color of the hoodie and upped the overall level of excitement in the look by adding glitter and a few dots underneath her lower lash line. The details of this makeup look were just subtle enough to feel comfortable for daytime wear, but bold enough for a night out on the town spent dancing at a concert.

There are lots of options and looks to explore with colored eyeliner, but when in doubt, do what makes you feel fierce, confident, and beautifully you.