BEAUTY BAR: Latest and Greatest

BEAUTY BAR: Latest and Greatest

Makeup is a fun tool, used to enhance one’s natural beauty. Each time I put on makeup, I feel like an artist working on a blank canvas. It’s something I can look forward to when getting ready. There are so many unique looks that can be created and there’s nothing more fun than trying out new things. I caught up with this Fashionista to learn some insider beauty tips.

One of the latest beauty trends is called a “cut crease.” This eye look incorporates contrasting shadows to create depth. Our Fashionista is using a beautiful glitter eyeliner in the crease of her eyelid, along with some black liquid eyeliner to create the perfect wing. In my opinion, winged eyeliner will never go out of style.

She also added a neutral eye shadow to blend out and create a smokey eye look. Another popular beauty trend is the use of a highlighting product to keep the face glowy and illuminated. This Fashionista is using a highlighter with gold undertones above her cheekbones right where the light would naturally reach.

Our Fashionista knows that no look is complete without the perfect accessories. She channels her inner ’90s pop star with a black choker necklace, which contrasts perfectly against her floral print shorts. She is also wearing some beautiful geode earrings that match the ring on her left hand. Besides her makeup, this Fashionista has some beautiful nails. A new nail trend is the use of a holographic finish. Her turquoise nails have a holographic polish on top that makes her nail shimmer in the bright sunlight.

Whether makeup is your forte or your weakness, don’t be afraid to express yourself and try out new looks. Makeup is all about trial and error. Just like anything else, makeup takes a lot of practice and even more patience. The most essential tip I can give you is to embrace your natural beauty and feel confident in who you are.