BEAUTY BAR: KISS = Keep It Simple, Students

From when I was young, my mother always told me that less is more. Her words were always in my head—”Don’t start wearing makeup too young and always take care of your skin!”—and I never forgot them. This Fashionista is an excellent example of how less can definitely be more.

With this warm, humid weather, we are constantly wondering what we want to do with our hair, makeup and clothing. When the temperatures go up, it is a constant struggle to stay stylish and comfortable, so the best way to cope with this is to keep it simple and all-natural.

I ran into this Fashionista on campus while she was reading a book. I stopped to talk to her because the first thing I noticed was her turquoise drop earrings. After that, we began talking, and I noticed that her look was straightforward with jeans and a basic tank top, but it was her bright lipstick that stood out.

Bright lipstick can add flair to a simple look, as well as add a pop for a more dramatic look. The lipstick was my favorite element of this Fashionista’s look, but her hair was also noticeable because its natural look added an element of simplicity and ease that made it clear that she was comfortable and stylish, thanks to her mix of an all-natural approach, basic clothing items, accessories and lipstick.

Bright lipsticks are a major trend at the moment. Red, magenta, orange and coral—the list goes on and on, and with many options to choose from, there are endless possibilities. Adding a bright lipstick to your beauty routine can really add that “wow” factor and an element of pop to the look.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Well, first off, there are many high-end brands of makeup, with popular ones being MAC and Nars. However, as Fashionistas on a budget, it’s important to look at the less expensive brands that provide the look for less and still have the same effect. To create your simple for summer look, keep the face makeup to a minimum, throw on some blush, mascara and eyeliner, along with your lipstick for a pop of color and you are all set. Be daring—try a bright lipstick and you can take your summer look to the next level.