BEAUTY BAR: It's All You

March 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

Natural beauty—we’ve all heard the term; we all get it. The question, of course, is how to portray one’s self in his or her natural state all the while maintaining an air of elegance and trueness to the very essence of the person within. While there is no doubt beauty in one’s ability to roll out of bed and make the trek to class unbothered by the tangles and eye boogers attributed to a good night’s slumber, there is something particularly special about a Fashionista who can pull off an air of taste and sophistication all the while embracing her need for comfort and giving due credit to a good old pair of leggings and a bralette. Contour is great and so is glitter, but the untouched canvas of a clean face and a just-washed head of natural curls is its own extraordinary art form.

In literature, the way a woman wears her hair carries heavy symbolic significance. When one wears her hair up the associations are that of rigidness and power, while wearing one’s hair down communicates freedom and blithe regard. Our Fashionista chose to combine the two, allowing herself the very best of portrayals. Free yet disciplined, she is able to adapt and take on whatever may come her way.

Because our Fashionista may wish to transform her coiffure-based symbolization throughout the day, accessorizing with a scrunchie allows practicality without loss of interest. Available in a multitude of patterns and colors, scrunchies work as a tool in the creation of numerous styles all the while allowing us to immerse ourselves in the nostalgia we so desperately crave (Fuller House, anyone?).

While the best kind of natural look can oft be credited simply to naturality, the dryness of the winter air means that moisturizer is a necessity to keep the skin happy and healthy for many solstices to come. Besides that…the amount of makeup one chooses to apply should be up to her with a basis in whatever makes her feel the best in her skin. A little light mascara? Go for it. Scarlet lips for an 8:00 a.m. class? Power to you. Our Fashionista chooses a bare approach for the day ahead, and oh boy does she work it. Fresh, clean and absolute in pursuit.

So far this year we’ve seen Petra Collins rule the ever so cool Gucci runway with her natural curl. The Oscars red carpet favored simplicity and youthfulness as expressed by a loose wave and minimal makeup. Once again, our Fashionista proves one can have it all: comfort, class and those extra five minutes of sleep.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: Hair texture-complementing shampoo, moisturizer, and a good night’s sleep. The rest is up to you, doll. Bright eyes and a fresh face, you have it all going for you.