BEAUTY BAR: If Looks Could Kill

BEAUTY BAR: If Looks Could Kill

How many of us have looked up beauty ideas on Pinterest or watched makeup tutorials on YouTube trying to get a gorgeous new look? I know I’m guilty. I may not be a beauty expert, but one beauty trend I absolutely love is metallic eyeshadow.

Metallics are really universal for eyeshadow, they come is basic nude colors and flatter pretty much every eye color that’s out there. I’ve always liked having my eyes be the focus when I put on my makeup. I usually go for golds and browns, and use them to create a sexy smokey eye.

I adore this Fashionista’s metallic smokey eye look. It complements her coloring really well, and adds a little drama to her minimalistic outfit. And what’s great is that metallics are everywhere right now. So many beauty companies are selling smokey eye palettes in gorgeous metallic shades. I really like this Golden Hour Perfect Filter Shadow Palette from NYX. The palette has a great mix of light to dark colors, and includes some matte finished shadows that you can use as base and lid colors.

Another beauty trend I’m sure all of us have seen is long nails. I see pictures of people’s nails sweeping Instagram and I have to admit, this new nail trend is pretty awesome. This Fashionista went for the super long nail trend and totally rocks it! I mean, if looks could kill, right?

This Fashionista went for an at-home application of these nails instead of going to a nail salon to get them done. There are quite a few varieties to do your nails at the comfort of your own bed; from reusable press on nails to glue-on nails. You can find plenty of options at your local beauty store. This All In One Pop-On Manicure Kit is a great for those who want to try out the long nail trend. And if you don’t wanna draw too much attention to your nails, I suggest following this Fashionista and painting your nails a nice nude color perfect for spring.

I love makeup and beauty trends as much as the next girl, but never forget Audrey Hepburn’s inspiring quote, “Happy girls are the prettiest girls.”