BEAUTY BAR: I Can Feel Your Halo (Braid)

One thing that is here in every season at Montclair State University is the wind. This means that you want to do whatever you can to get your hair out of your face and still look cute. This time of year is my favorite style season. Not only do I love to layer my clothes, but I love the creative hairstyles that are put in to play against the wind! It’s a fashion challenge I’m definitely willing to take.

This Fashionista’s beauty look has a relaxed but well done look to it. It’s pulled back into braids to stop the wind from blowing all her hair in her face. What I loved most about this look is that it takes very little effort and time! This Fashionista has mastered this hairstyle and can get it done in under five minutes, which is perfect for the dreaded mornings before class!

This Fashionista kept her whole look with the effortless vibe! She picked out pieces that were easy to just throw on before she ran out the door for class. This outfit is what I would call a classic but five minute look. Her sweatshirt dress, Burberry scarf, leg warmers, and knee-length boots are always a staple. Overall, it is an easy-to-grab outfit for this Fashionista.

With midterms still in full swing for some and early morning classes still in play, it is a perfect idea to have one hairstyle down that is effortless and cute and takes minutes to master.