BEAUTY BAR: Honorary Coachella Glitter

May 3rd, 2017 at 10:00am
BEAUTY BAR: Honorary Coachella Glitter

Summer is the time to unwind, relax, have fun with friends, and of course, do some traveling! While summer has unofficially started for most tropical states like Florida (well it never truly left), school is still in session. We all would love to go music festivals like Coachella in California and are extremely jealous of those who can; although this Fashionista was not at Coachella, she decided to dress the part. She gave me all the details of this amazing look to share with all of you!

This Fashionista decided to live vicariously through her beauty look giving me super Coachella vibes. The cool beauty trend focuses on making your hair the center of attention. Putting glitter in your hair seems like it would be a messy cleanup and probably a lot of after work, however, this Fashionista assured me that it was a breeze and it washes out very easily. She simply mixed gel and loose glitter in a small container then used a flat makeup brush to apply it to the center of her hair. That’s it, no mess—just remember to close the glitter when you’re finished!

This Fashionista decides to wear four spice buns instead of two, calling more attention to her hair and the glitter. She uses four small silver rhinestones to accent her music festival look. You can use rhinestones that are adhesive or use eyelash glue to make them stick.

While the true stars of this look are the glitter and the rhinestones this Fashionista still manages a beautiful eye look. She blends various red eyeshadows from the Morphe 350 Nature Glow Palette to create a beautiful smokey-eye. Using any light pink lipstick and a bit of the pink shimmer eyeshadow on the center of her lips, she creates this shiny lip look. While the rest of the look may not be for every day, the warm smokey-eye and lip can be done for multiple occasion.

Music festivals are definitely an experience and this is a look that can make it better! You could also follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and simply do this look in honor of one. No matter what have fun and be bold!