BEAUTY BAR: Half the Bun, Double the Fun

The fiercest of college closets contain outfits that can climb the scale of dressing down to up with the simple addition of a jacket or accessories. The same logic can be applied to hair-dos, where versatility and speed are of the essence. Strong day-to-day hairstyles should build off ones natural style by spotlighting, rather than covering up, varying colors and textures. Hair length works like a bell curve in this formula as the shortest and longest lengths prove the most difficult to find different hairdos for. The widespread popularity of the messy bun several seasons back has given hint to the potential for the hairstyle this Fashionista is rocking—the half-up bun.

This Fashionista embraces her long locks, even emphasizing them with the trending half-up bun. Such a hairdo meets the criteria outlined by both fitting her hairstyle, allowing both her bangs and waves to fall as they might, as well not being very time consuming. The twist of the bun itself compliments her wavy hair, but is a nice strategy for those with straight hair as well to differentiate the top. In addition to allowing her hair to fall favorably, the half-up bun frames her glasses very well, making their presence clear but preventing their dominance of her face or the look overall.

The half-up bun also allows for plenty of variation by users. For those with finer or thinner hair, a sock bun shaper may be necessary to assist in maximizing volume. One of my personal adaptations in the inclusion of a scrunchie or vintage hair bow. This pop of color provides a nice means to carrying an outfit completely through.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: For this look, gather what is already around—plenty of hair ties, a few bobby pins and a ribbon or bow if it fits your aesthetic. Get the most out of the half-up bun by utilizing it for both lazy days and nights out.