BEAUTY BAR: Hair Color To Melt For

When the seasons begin to change, clothing trends follow. But as clothing trends are changing, mostly everything in the fashion world is beginning to seek new looks, from shoes, to makeup and even hair! The ombré hair trend started a few years ago, and ever since then, it began to catch the attention of celebrities as well as the average college female. At one point, it seemed as though this trend was going to be temporary, but to this day, women are getting their hair done like this.

This ombré trend branched off to create other similar hair coloring ideas such as color melt and balayage. The difference among these three looks is very minimal. This Fashionista pulls off the ombré look by incorporating her natural red roots fading into a blonde, and in the natural sunlight, her red hair glistens and pulls out different dimensions. Her hairstyle is simple and chic with loose, wavy curls.

This Fashionista keeps her outfit simple in addition to her luscious locks. She is wearing simple skinny jeans with a black and gray knit sweater, and to tie her outfit together, she has a dark pair of ankle boots. Her makeup here is left to a minimal amount, with sheer pink lip gloss and lightly frosted eye shadow.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To complete this look, grab a one inch curling wand and loosely wind hair around curler. Run your hands through your hair to attain loose, wavy curls. To achieve the ombré color, simply get an ombré box dying kit at a local drugstore. This color will add a different shade of blonde halfway down your head or however you prefer to create the ombré look. If you’re looking for a less permanent solution, hair chalk is great and lasts until you wash it out, so you can choose a more natural color or bright colors to spice up your look.