BEAUTY BAR: Green With Hair Envy

Ever get to the point where you’re bored with everything you own? This basically happens to me every five months, and then I want to do something drastic to my hair or my wardrobe to change it up until the next time I get bored. This usually means a different style choice or a different hair cut and color. This Fashionista is the perfect inspiration for the next hair change!

Clearly, the color hair trend is the way to go when wanting a change in your look in general. This Fashionista rocks the green ombré look to add a sort of punk, grunge feel to her aesthetic. Along with the hair, there are other great ways to add to your look to make everything pop and flow together. This Fashionista picked a dark lip color and a septum piercing that creates an amazing look for day and night.

Obviously it is difficult to get a septum ring, and it is quite more of a commitment than hair or lip color, but there are other makeup looks to create that will showcase the hair color without it looking overwhelming.

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR? Basically, it is necessary to find a balance between your hair color and your makeup look. If you have green hair, then it is important to find shades that accentuate your face and go with your hair rather than go against it. Also, it is great to add a pop of lip color and an accessory that will bring it all together.